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Cassey Morris - Hamilton Stud

Join Cassey Morris from Rocky Mountain Horse UK in her 'round penning' demonstration, which will be taking place throughout the weekend.  

Hamilton stud is a horsemanship stud farm which is home to American rare breed horses called Rocky Mountain horses. Hamilton stud is the largest Rocky Mountain foundation breeding stud farm in the UK.

Hamilton stud have two horsemanship and horse problem solving trainers Mike Hughes and Cassey Morris. Mike is from California USA and has 35 years of horse training and performing demonstrations along side other popular international trainers.

Currently he has teamed up with Cassey Morris who has trained and competed in Texas and Kentucky picking up various techniques from different renown training ranches. Mike and Cassey are situated in Essex. Mike and cassey have visited Horse owners with training issues and Horsemanship Training with great success and reviews. 

Hamilton stud will be demonstrating roundpen training and answering questions on problem solving. Rocky Mountain horses will also be at the show with a breed demonstration so come and meet a real life Rocky Mountain horse at Rocky Mountain horse UK.



Hawthorn Heavy Horses






 Seadogs Gundog Training & Scurry

Along with buying puppies we have rescued and re-homed a 6 year old working English Springer Spaniel named Tigerlily who needed lots of time spent on her to build up trust and respect after being unsettled.

All my dogs work on local shoots through the shooting season, but they spend the “closed season” with us canoeing, powerboating, camping, spending time at the yard with my wife and her horse, long country pub walks and snuggling up with us when the day is done. You really can have the best of both worlds – a working pet!

Over the last few years I have been asked more and more to help train people and their dogs without using harsh methods. I have been to several different trainers and seen many different methods used; some of which I do not condone. This has lead to me to train my dogs with a different approach and be mindful of the techniques I use.

I have enjoyed training my own dogs and others, so much, I am a Gundog Club Accredited Trainer.



German Shepherd Rescue Elite






Strawberry Persian & Pedigree Cat Rescue

We are a small rescue based in Greater London / Essex, for taking in and rehoming Persian and other  pedigree cats all over the UK.

Join us at the Pet & Country Show for advice on all your cats needs..





Snakes, Reptiles & Amphibians....

Federation of British Herpetologists

Headed and supported by specialist and experienced herpetologists from across Britain, the FBH exists to promote and support the responsible keeping of reptiles and amphibians.

The FBH is an umbrella organisation to which the majority of herpetological societies are affiliated and represents the largest collective of experienced amateur and professional keepers in the UK. Put quite simply, the FBH is the voice of UK reptile and amphibian keeping.




Essex Ferret Welfare Society

 We are a non-profit making organisation, based in Ongar Essex, aiming to promote the welfare of ferrets in our local area. For over 25 years we have been providing abandoned and unwanted ferrets with shelter, medical treatment and the care and attention they deserve.

We have committed ourselves to a program of neutering and micro-chipping the animals in our care and finding them suitable new forever homes. We look to provide advice and support to owners of both companion and working ferrets. We also strive to improve the public knowledge of ferrets by giving talks and demonstrating them at country shows where racing them helps raise funds to support our rescue work.


Farmyard Animals...


Gemmas Farm

Gemma's Farm is a fun and educational mobile farm experience covering Essex and the South East.

Join Farmer Gemma and her team for a unique learning platform, that uses a combination of hands on animal handling and national curriculum based activities to inspire children's minds.



Fresh Start For Hens

They are a not for profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to rehoming hens from the commercial
egg production sector. They'll be bringing along some of their lovely hens! Pop over if you want more information on rehoming!