Meet the animals





More information to follow soon, but we are pleased to welcome our farmyard friends from your local petting farm.

Chickens, lambs, ponies,




We are extremely pleased to welcome to the show the Federation of British Herpetologists who will be bringing along a whole host of reptiles, snakes and amphibians to the show.

Headed and supported by specialist and experienced herpetologists from across Britain, the FBH exists to promote and support the responsible keeping of reptiles and amphibians.

The FBH is an umbrella organisation to which the majority of herpetological societies are affiliated and represents the largest collective of experienced amateur and professional keepers in the UK. Put quite simply, the FBH is the voice of UK reptile and amphibian keeping.






Head over to the FBH tent and meet lizards, invertebrates and amphibians....



A family favourite - We are pleased to welcome to the show, our good friends from the Essex Ferret Rescue Society, who will be joining us at this years event.

Find out more about keeping ferrets and hold these furry friends...


Meet the parrots from the A1 Parrot Rescue Centre.

Join the team from A1 Parrot Rescue, who will be coming to the Robin Hood Country Show for the first year to promote the excellent work that they are doing to help these beautiful birds.




Strawberry Persian & Pedigree Cat Rescue

We are a small rescue based in Greater London / Essex, for taking in and rehoming Persian and other  pedigree cats all over the UK.

Join us at the Pet & Country Show for advice on all your cats needs..